Ondutile Low Line Sets New Lower Pitch

Ondutile low line sheet is a new addition to our Ondutile under roofing system, utilising a lower 24mm Onduline corrugated roof sheet for use below tile, slate or shingle roof coverings to create an independent secondary weatherproof roof. 

Ondutile low line enables the primary tiled roof to be used safely below the manufacturer’s minimum recommended roof pitch, and is ideal for roofing applications where height restriction or aesthetic appearance of the roof is of paramount importance. 

Ondutile low line sheets have all the eco benefits of the renowned Onduline Classic sheet being manufactured from recycled fibres, as well as providing a reduced roof pitch Ondutile low line also improves the ventilation and thermal performance of the roof structure.

For more information see our product page on Ondutile lowline

On its own the Ondutile low line sheet forms a tough and durable external roof covering which can be used on small timber structures such as sheds, garages or summerhouses. Its low profile offers an enhanced appearance and improved weathering performance in comparison to traditional mineral felts and shingles.