Onduline at the World Alternative Games

The Coolest Place to be in 2016 (Lonely Planet), the idea for the Games was born after it was announced that London would be hosting the Olympics in 2012. As one of the greatest sporting events on the calendar, it seemed a wasted opportunity not to hold some sort of celebration in Llanwrtyd to commemorate this.

The first Games held in 2012 proved a great success with over 2000 competitors taking part in 35 events, from Worm Charming to Chariot Racing, from the Bathtubbing Championship to the Wife Carrying Championships.

This year Onduline participated in the games.

Competitors were required to pick up a piece of Onduline mini profile sheet ; open a pen and chase a sheep through a path created by Onduline sheeting with diversions and hurdles of Onduvilla; Place the sheep in another pen, jump over a fence, pick up an Onduvilla tile, run around a pole three times scramble under two arches created by Onduline Classic sheets and finish. 

It was a great success, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Thank you to everyone who participated and we hope to see you again next year!