Onduvilla FAQs

1. How long are Onduvilla tiles guaranteed for?

Onduvilla is guaranteed for 15 years.


2. Are Onduvilla tiles fireproof?

Onduvilla tiles are not classified to External S.AA fire rating as required in UK Building Regulations for some classes of structure. In these cases they must be fixed on a suitable fully supporting roof deck and the sheets coated with a proprietary AA surface paint treatment as used on flat felted roofs applied in accordance with the paint manufacturer’s instructions. However, if you paint it to achieve a higher fire resistance it loses its most valuable selling point-Aesthetic.


3. What are Onduvilla tiles made from?

An Eco-friendly product, Onduvilla tiles are made from recycled fibres made using the same process as Onduline.


4. What colours are available for Onduvilla tiles? 

Onduvilla tile strips are available in 3-D colours of Red, Brown, Green or Slate with a range of accessories to suit, and are sure to enhance your existing roof appearance.


5. How can I find my local supplier of Onduvilla tiles?

Click here  to locate your nearest stockist. If you are unable to find a suitable outlet please contact our sales office on 0207 727 0533 or visit our e-shop www.ondulineshop.com


6. What is the size of the Onduvilla tiles?

A tile strip is: 1,060mm x 400mm. Coverage: 0.31m2 per tile/ 3.23 tiles required per m2.

They are available in packs of 7 tiles covering 2.17m2 per pack.


7. What is the minimum pitch for Onduvilla tiles?

10 degrees on decked roofs and 15 degrees when laid on close boarding.


8. Do you supply Onduvilla tiles in different lengths?

No, Onduvilla comes in one standard size of 1,060mm x 400mm; please try our Onduline sheets should a sheet profile be required.


9. How do you cut an Onduvilla tile? 

To cut the width of a tile score with a knife, then bend the tile up to separate sections.

To cut down the length of the tiles it is advisable to use either an electric rotary saw or an angle grinder.


10. How many nails should I use per Onduvilla tile? 

We recommend you allow 5 nails per tile or 35 nails per pack of 7 Onduvilla tiles.

Remember to allow addicitonal fixings for the ridge unit which must be nailed at every corrugation. Nails are available in boxes of 400, or 50 nail packs.


11. What is the size of Onduvilla ridges?

Width: 50cm x Length: 90cm they are also shaded to match the colour of the tiles.12. What is the overhang needed for Onduvilla tiles? 

Lay tiles with a 25mm to 50mm overhang. 

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